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About us.

EMED is a trademark of EP S.p.A., a company founded in 1963, as a manufacturer of small domestic appliances for brands of worldwide importance. In 2004, thanks to the long experience and business know-how, acquired during the years, EMED was born: It is a division specialized in the development, manufacturing and sales of medical devices and products dedicated to adults and children healthcare.





What we do.

EMED is committed to improving the quality of everyone’s life by providing clinically validated, innovative home use medical equipments for health monitoring and disease therapy.


Why choose us?



Look to the future.

Our presence in worldwide exhibitions is fundamental to  keep up to date all our customers on our new projects and novelties, as well as to enhance our visibility in the market.

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EMED - Via Del Commercio, n°1 - 25039 Travagliato (BS) - ITALY - PH. +(39) 030 25 83 990 - FAX +(39) 030 25 84 012