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Nebulizer  are medical devices that can convert liquid medicine into aerosol droplets that can be easily inhaled by the respiratory tract. Aerosol theraphy can be used to treat a wide range of common respiratory diseases, find out which ones!

A humidifier is an electric appliance that generates hot, cold, or warm steam and releases it into the room where the unit is located. A humidifier will greatly improve the air quality and comfort by adding moisture to dry air in the home and it creates optimal condition for the proper breathing.

Our purifiers are equipped with a HEPA1 filter obtained from the combination of  carbon filter that retains dust and smells and a HEPA filter that purifies the air from the smallest particles such as pollen, mites and bacteria. This combination can filtrate up to 99.97%.

About us

EMED is a trademark of EP SpA, a company founded in 1963, as manufaturer of small domestic appliances for the most important brands worldwide. In 2004, thanks to the long experience and company know-how, acquired during the years,EMED was born. It is a division specialized in development, manifacturing and sales of medical devices products dedicated to adults and children healthcare.

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EMED, air treatment and nebulizer therapy

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